Technology at Sparta Area Schools

The district strives to protect student privacy and personal information. We follow all state and federal regulations as well as guide students to become responsible digital citizens. Our policies and procedures are regularly reviewed and updated to ensure improvement in all areas related to technology.

At Sparta Area Schools, we have always prided ourselves on using technology to complement clearly defined expectations for student learning. To that end, the district has been working for the last few years with Communications By Design, a technology consulting firm, our district technology committee, and 14-16 pilot teachers throughout the district to understand how technology can support what we do so well here in Sparta Area Schools. When implemented with efficacy, we believe that technology can:

  • Help us provide personalized learning for all students;
  • Facilitate data-driven instruction;
  • Engage teachers in a meaningful way;
  • Engage students in a meaningful way;
  • Allow us to challenge the way we use our time and classroom space; and
  • Allow us to connect inside and outside the classroom.

With these benefits in mind, Sparta Area Schools is proud of the opportunity to provide every student with increased access to technology as a result of the community-supported bond that passed in May 2016.

Sparta Area Schools requires that parents purchase insurance to cover accidental damage or theft of student devices (both issued and any loaner device, should they be needed). This policy does not cover for loss of the Chromebook, cosmetic damage, or damages caused by intentional misuse or abuse. Sparta Area Schools will assess any Chromebook damage incurred and repair or replace the device if the damage is determined to be accidental and within the protection guidelines. Devices in need of repair should be dropped off at the main office where a loaner device can be assigned until the original device is repaired.

  1. In the event that a district-issued device is lost or stolen, the student and parent/guardian should immediately notify the school administrator. The filing of a police report by the parent/guardian is mandatory for insurance claim processing. In the absence of a police report, the parent/guardian will assume responsibility for the full replacement cost.
  2. In the event that a device is intentionally damaged the parent/guardian will be assessed a fee up to $225.00 for the replacement of the device.
  3. In the event that a police report is filed for a lost or stolen device, Sparta Area Schools may aid the police in recovering the device.  
  4. All devices are tagged with an asset label.  The label is not to be tampered with or removed.
  5. Students who un-enroll from Sparta Area Schools during the school year must return the device along with any issued accessories at the time they leave the district. The device and all accessories should be returned to the school’s Main Office. Failure to return a device in a timely fashion may result in legal action or payment in full ($225.00).

Chromebook Insurance can be purchased through your Parent Portal Account

Technology Vision Statement:

All graduates of Sparta Area Schools will be highly effective in using and applying technology to become successful critical thinkers, problem-solvers, communicators and decision-makers.