School Safety

Officer Costa

The safety and welfare of the members of our school community is and always will be a priority of Sparta Area Schools.  In general terms, to feel safe is a basic need of humans.  If the basic needs of a person are not met, the evidence is clear; they will likely not perform optimally.

In recent years there have been several tragic and horrific acts of violence involving school communities.   These random and senseless acts have received tremendous amounts of media coverage.  As the awareness and need for school safety increase, so does the value of communicating what districts are doing to address school safety in their local educational  community.

The information presented in this web-page is designed to provide the members of the Sparta School Community an overview of key components in the District’s comprehensive School Emergency and Safety Plans.

Sparta Area Schools SRO
Deputy Antonio (Tom) Costa
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School Safety Letter from KCSO

SAS School Safety Web Page Components

  • Overview and Purpose
  • PA 12 Annual Building-Level  Emergency Drill Schedules
  • District and Building School Safety Teams
  • Safety/Emergency Response Plans, Protocols and Procedures
  • Information and Resources for Members of the School Community