Building Information

Appleview Building Information

Building Population

Appleview elementary services between 475-500 students during the course of the year. Our population is at its highest in the fall as we welcome our migrant students and families who assist at our local orchards and other businesses during their peak season.

Grade Levels Served

Appleview houses all of the 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students in Sparta. We currently have seven sections of 3rd grade, seven of 4th, and six of 5th.

Special Programs

Appleview is recognized as a Title I school. In addition, we host the Regional Special Education MOCI Program, Seasonal Migrant Program and English Language Learners Program.

Weekly Co-Curricular Opportunities

Students at Appleview attend each of our three co-curricular specials at least once a week. Our current co-curricular opportunities are Art, Music, and Physical Education. Each co-curricular class runs for 45 minutes.