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6th Grade Camp Information


Sporting Event Rules

You are NOT allowed to leave and re-enter.
If you leave,  you may NOT come back to the game.
The gates close at the end of the third quarter.
NO entrance is allowed after that.
All school rules apply.
There is to be NO running, horseplay, rough housing or PDAs.
If you plan to attend, please plan to sit in the stands.

Fundraiser Message

Parents, family and friends of our students at Sparta Middle School -

Thanks for your tremendous support of our successful magazine sale.  We want you to be aware that you can order subscriptions on-line at any time throughout the year, and suport our students!  If you are considering holidy or birthday gifts for your loved ones and/or  friends or need to renew a subscription you are receiving now, please use the link below to purchase your magazines.  40% of every purchase will go to Sparta Middle School and your participatoin will help put a smile on a student's face as they get involved in activities that will enrich their lives.

Sparta Middle School Magazine Sales

Thank you again for your support!

Sparta Middle School 480 S. State St. Sparta, MI 49345 P: 616-887-8211 F: 616-887-1080
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