New Student Enrollment

Interested in enrolling your K-12, ECSE, or Special Services student into Sparta Area Schools? Please click Enroll Now

How to Enroll my New Student into Sparta Area Schools K-12, ECSE, and Special Services:

  1. Find what district you reside in: Resident District Lookup
    1. Outside of the Sparta Area School District? Fill out this form.
    2. You must turn in this form to Kelly Houtman at the Sparta Administration Building
  2. Fill out the Pre-Registration Form
  3. After filling out the Pre-Registration Form you will receive email stating "Enrollment Pre-Registration Received"
  4. Once your enrollment is approved, you will receive an "Enrollment Pre-Registration Approved" Email.
  5. You will receive a "Welcome to Sparta Area School District" email that will walk you through the steps to creating a Powerschool Parent Portal account.
  6. Once your Parent Portal account is created, you will need to fill out all of the Enrollment Forms.
  7. You MUST create a Parent Portal account and COMPLETE each form for your enrollment to be accepted.

Once your enrollment is accepted, you will receive a phone call from the school with a schedule and start date.


If you have any special circumstances that you would like to address please contact us by calling: 616-887-8253 or email: enrollment@spartaschools.org