Transportation Request Form

Guide to Sparta Transportation Request Process

The person requesting transportation needs to complete this form.

All requests must be submitted by the Monday two weeks prior to the trip date.  This allows drivers time to bid on all available trips.

The requestor will receive an email copy of the request.   The medication question is a reminder, and does not need to be completed if not applicable.  

If you click the option for lunches, the form will take you to another page to indicate how many lunches you need.

Once the form is submitted, an email is sent to the selected building admin and to the transportation dept.
The building admin will approve, decline, or ask for more information from the email.  If declined, the requestor can edit the form if needed.

The transportation dept will approve the request once the building admin approves or seeks a solution if there is a conflict.

Once approved, all involved parties will receive an email confirmation.