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At Ridgeview Elementary our goal is your child’s success. In the pursuit of success we work to educate the whole child with a well-rounded academic experience in technology, music, art, and media skills in addition to our core curricular program.Instructional services are provided by 22 classroom teachers. Support services are provided by a school psychologist, school social worker, counselor, speech therapists, occupational therapist, physical therapists, and special education classroom teachers. One teacher and two teacher assistants comprise the seasonal migrant staff. We also have an English Language Learner - ELL - teacher assistant all year. The District and Building Technology Committee continues to work to identify needs and develop programs that result in better use of technology for children and staff. Each classroom has 1-2 computers and SmartBoard technology.  Students have access to 2 computer labs. Custodians, secretaries, teacher assistants, lunch room personnel, Foster Grandparents, and a large number of community volunteers assist the teachers in providing a quality program of instruction for the students.

Mission Statement

Ridgeview Elementary is committed to a child centered learning environment


  • lifelong learning is valued by students, staff, families and community
  • readiness and academic skills are explored and developed in a safe and healthy environment
  • critical thinking and problem-solving abilities are acquired


  • an atmosphere of high expectations, creativity, cooperation, and respect.


The staff at Sparta believes values are priorities by which we choose to live our lives. They are revealed in what we say, experienced through our feelings and imagination and acted on repeatedly and consistently in our homes and places of work.  We know that organizations that prove themselves to be successful over the long run are staffed by individuals who have a strong understanding of the core purpose of the organization and are committed to a common set of shared values. These values guide all plans, decisions and actions.  With the goal of guiding our students to develop the skills, attitudes and behaviors necessary to function successfully in a changing world, our values provide our focus. 

Our values are:

Respect: Treat others the way you want to be treated, look up to a person, use the golden rule. 

Pride: To show how much you care about something, feeling good about yourself and your school. 

Compassion: To be loving and show kindness to others, to feel for other people, care about other’s needs.

Integrity: Standing up for what is right even when others don’t, sticking with your own beliefs, acting right even when no one is looking.                                                                                                              

Quality: Something that is well done, above average, your best effort.

Positive Humor: Laughing and joking without hurting or putting others down, laughing with someone but not at them. 

Honesty: Being truthful, being real with yourself and others, being straightforward.

Trust: Believing in someone whole-heartedly, without question, something you earn when you do what you say you will do, to place your confidence in someone.           

These values are given a monthly focus at each building and continue to guide our way.

Core Curriculum and more! 

Ridgeview Elementary School is a learning environment for young children WHERE...

  • Report cards align with the Common Core Standards. Report cards and ongoing communication inform parents about student progress in mastering the academic standards in the areas of math, language arts, science and social studies. Biweekly classroom news letters are sent home to keep parents informed.
  • Fountas and Pinnell (Guided Reading) Assessment  training has been provided to our teaching staff. The staff benchmarks students formally, 3x’s annually and tracks their reading progress with twice monthly running records.
  • The Kindergarten and selected first grade staff have received training in Zoo Phonics. Zoo Phonics is a kinesthetic method for teaching phonics, reading and spelling, using literature.
  • The staff receives ongoing training on Balanced Literacy Strategies. Classroom teachers utilized "leveled" books and run guided reading sessions in the classroom. This ensures that all students are reading at their instructional level 90% and all students have the opportunity to gain one year’s growth, regardless of their level - high or low.   The Daily 5 and a writing Workshop delivery are employed by all staff.
  • Ridgeview Elementary has coordinated with the Kent County Gerontology Network to host a Foster Grandparent Program. Each foster grandparent serves twenty hours, per week, with an assigned classroom group of students. They provide companionship, support, and loving attention to our students. Their role is to work cooperatively with staff and volunteers to accomplish the districts core standards and provide one to one or small group assistance to students.
  • Reading and math intervention services are offered to at-risk students by two Title 1 reading teachers and 5 teacher’s assistants..
  • Special Education Programs are delivered in both a pullout and push-in model, depending on student need. The majority of the identified students are provided service in an inclusive setting, with both the special education teacher and regular teacher providing instruction.
  • Paraprofessionals are used extensively to assist students in mastering and assessing academic standards throughout the school year and assisting in the teacher's instructional delivery and the gathering of assessment data. The assistants receive ongoing training to work with our teachers to assist in delivering the assessments to our students in a formatted, uniform, and objective method.
  • The Child Study Team. Members of the staff/team meet on a monthly basis to develop strategies for students who were experiencing difficulties in behavior and/or learning.  Team members include the Principal, school counselor, Title 1 teachers and student’s teacher.  The counselor exchanges information with the music, physical education, and art staff on student behavior plans. Child study plans may follow a child, if needed, as they progress to the next grade level.
  • All Certified Staff members have been trained in Capturing Kids' Hearts.
  • Sparta Education Foundation (SEF) provides funds for special projects.
  • Accelerated Reader (AR) is used by our kindergarten thru second grade students after reaching a Guided Level Reading Level of 18.
  • Crisis Prevention Intervention (CPI) certification is held by several teachers, teacher’s assistants and the administrator
  • Diversity is appreciated here, as we believe differences to be opportunities for enrichment.  Honoring our unique histories and backgrounds and language is grounded here, in an attitude of respect.
  • All students receive weekly instruction in technology, media, physical education, art, and music. Enrichment and School-to-Career activities include assemblies and field trips which have been sponsored by the PTC (Parent/Teacher Committee)/SEF and coordinate with the grade level academic standards. Further academic standards have been developed for language arts, writing, math, science, and social studies, which incorporate all the requirements of the Common Core State Standards. Top
    • We celebrate our “Bucket Fillers” Weekly, instructing our students in the concept of filling and dipping into other’s “buckets” and pulling student names from our grade-level “buckets” on Mondays.  The principal recognizes a group every Monday and students receive a book and bucket-filler pencil, as recognition of their contribution.

Student Assessment

Each academic standard of the curriculum has a performance-based assessment attached to it. Students are provided re-teach time and extensions as appropriate. Student progress and achievement are assessed in a variety of ways as indicted below:

  • Fountas and Pinell Assessments and Lucy Calkins Writing Rubrics are used to document writing and reading achievement.
  • Report card summaries of student mastery of academic standards are completed three times per year at trimester end.
  • Universal screening of Literacy & Math. Three times a year on all K – 2 students.
  • Friday Envelopes are sent home on a weekly basis with student work.
  • Literacy Interventionists and teacher assistants give specific feedback to the teacher in the re-teaching and enrichment areas.
  • Reading levels and Holistic Writing scores are gathered each trimester and data is analyzed. Kindergarten letter and sound rankings are gathered at each trimester and data is analyzed.
  • Formative and Summative assessments are gathered regularly and staff meeting weekly to review student progress.

Parent Involvement

Research indicates that children whose parents take an active role in their education achieve at a higher rate than children whose parents are not involved. Ridgeview continually encourages parent participation and provides many opportunities for that to happen. Parents are encouraged to volunteer at least one day a year with some volunteering on a weekly basis. Others supervise field trips, work on P.T.C. projects, attend parenting classes, publish children's writing, or attend programs and special informational meetings.  Our volunteers are an essential ingredient to our school community and we are grateful and appreciative of the hours of support they offer our students and teachers.

Our latest parent volunteer program is the WATCH Dog proram which invites male role models (frequently fathers or male relatives of a student here) to volunteer for the day.  Our WATCH Dog program is affiliated with the national WATCH Dog movement and our hard working volunteer leaders have recruited a WATCH Dog for almost every day  of our school calendar!

Ridgeview Elementary 560 W. Spartan Dr. Sparta, MI 49345 P: 616-887-8218 F: 616-887-1928
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