This site is written by the Bureau of Labor Statistics and gives you information on education requirements, job outlook, salaries etc.
Provides information on various environmental careers
REALLY GOOD WEB SITE. This is from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Click on the index field in the upper right corner to find a specific occupation.
An informational network of occupations that provides descriptions, tasks performed on job site, as well as a detailed list of work activities.

DRUG WEBSITES   The National Institute on Drug Abuse from the National Institute of Health
This site deals with Michigan law concerning drinking and driving,1607,7-127-1627_8665_9070-24488--,00.html
Substance abuse and driving in Michigan

STUDY SKILLS Intelligences Explained

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World War II

Great General Information site

A great webguide for WWII

Japanese American soldiers

New York Times article from the day after Pearl Harbor

Veteran's stories about combat and stories from the homefront

United States Holocaust Museum

New York Times article on the invation of Iwo Jima

Eyewitness accounts of various events in WWII

Artifacts from WWII


Life in a Japanese American Internment camp


D day maps and memories


Female War Correspondents

Battle of Britain

Bataan Death March