Sparta Education Foundation

The Sparta Education Foundation was founded in 1991 based on the belief that Sparta students should not be limited to minimum standards due to a lack of state funding for education. Since that time, many students have benefited from SEF funded grants that provide the extras for education, but still the need continues.

The Sparta Education Foundation's mission is to help to provide creative, progressive, and innovative educational opportunities for our students and staff, which are beyond the normal operating budget of the school district.

Please consider making a contribution and give our students important enrichment opportunities that would not be available otherwise. Go to the CONTRIBUTIONS page for details.

The Sparta Education Foundation is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors and operated independently from the Sparta Board of Education under an established set of bylaws. 

All questions regarding SEF should be directed to:


  • Julie Anderson, President

  • Sue Knauf, Vice President

  • Sue Blackall, Secretary

  • Ron Hoover, Treasurer

  • Pete Bush, Ex Officio

Board Members: Michelle Alster, Kristi Armock, Jennifer Baldini, Don Behrenwald, Erin Bormes, Heather Holland, Chris Hoover, Jim Kirby, Leann Kitson, Martha Markham, Kathy Reed, Laurie Zurek

Associate Members: Marj Brink, Lisa Edwards, Connie Howes, Bob Liscome, Leo Maki, Liz Morse, Bob Schirado, Tena Stuhan, Deb Warwick


Meetings are held at 7:30 a.m. in the Administration Building on the following dates:

  September 3, 2021 Staff Pledge Forms Due, please give to Jill in Payroll Office
     September 8, 2021 SEF Board Meeting
  October 13, 2021 SEF Board Meeting
  November 10, 2021 Grant Presentations, deadline for application is November 3, 2021
  December 8, 2021 SEF Board Meeting
  January 12, 2022 SEF Board Meeting
  February 9, 2022 Grant Presentations, deadline for application is February 2, 2022
  March 9, 2022 SEF Board Meeting
  April 13, 2022 SEF Board Meeting
  May 11, 2022 SEF Board Meeting
  June 8, 2022 SEF Board Meeting
  July 13, 2022 Grant Presentations, deadline for application is July 9, 2022
  August 10, 2022

SEF Board Meeting


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