PBIS - Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports

What's New at Sparta High School?

Sparta High School is continuing their PBIS mission by adding monthly celebrations by way of 15 minute PRIDE assemblies on the first day of each month.  At these assemblies, the faculty and students get a chance to celebrate all that is good going on at SHS.  At the high school, the School Leadership Team will also do a monthly drawing live and set the tone and focus for the month, which is based on the data they are collecting.  SHS has also increased their expectations for staff to hand out 4 rather than 2 cards per month, with the focus being on 2 students who may struggle a little more to make the right choices and on 2 students who consistently demonstrate their PRIDE expectations and values.  Sparta High School also combined their School Leadership Team with their School Improvement Team in order to streamline their processes and maintain a common focus.

What's New at Sparta Middle School?

Sparta Middle School kicked off PBIS for the 2019-2020 school year with a rotation of positive behavior lessons during the students seminar classes.  Lessons were presented by the building support team and staff members.  Students have the opportunity to earn Sparty Bucks by showing how they are Safe, Positive, Accomplished, Respectful, Trustworthy, and Accepting!  Students can cash in their Sparty Bucks twice a week for items in the school store.  Students are also entered into weekly and quarterly prize drawings.  Staff and students are celebrated throughout the school year for their commitment to showing how we are SPARTA!

What's New at Appleview?

Appleview had their kick off assembly during the first week of school where they reviewd their All Star theme through games and even had Sparty come to the assembly!  Student tickets were drawn for prizes from each grade level and that got students excited to start the new year with appropriate behavioral expectations.  Appleview is also adding a staff recognition component to their PBIS processes, and is working to ensure that all students are acknowledged at some point by the end of the year.

What's New At Ridgeview?

Ridgeview is changing things up quite a bit this year, with daily, weekly, monthly and yearly celebrations in order to achieve more consistent student and teacher buy-in.  Daily, students will be reinforced through positive praise/verbal encouragement as well as blue "You Rock" tickets.  Weekly, on Friday's during morning announcements, the principal will highlight one class per grade level that has done a great job of showing PBIS values that week.  Each student in that class will be given a bonus "golden ticket" worth 5 blue tickets and for each classroom that receives the weekly recognition, the teacher will also receive a special treat.  Monthly, 2 students per class will be nominated by a staff member for showing exemplary behavior in the monthly focus area. Those students' names will be announced during announcements and they will receive a special treat.  All students will be able to spend their tickets at the brand new school store!  Lastly, at the end of the year, 2 students per class will be recognized for either showing the PBIS behaviors steadily throughout the year, or for making amazing progress/gains throughout the year, and will be announced live during