Parent Advisors for Special Educations (PASE)

The Kent ISD has a parent advisory committee that provides input related to the improvement of special education services within Kent County.  PASE membes participate in the development and modifications of our intermediate school district's plan, review deviation requests, and give input related to monitoring activities.  Members are updated with current changes in federal and state laws, regulations and policies.  They are also offered the opportunity to attend in-service trainings related to topics of interest.  PASE members assist special education administrators in disseminating information to parents in our local school district.

The parent advisory committee and its officers consists of parents of students with disabilities and can represent each local school district and public school academy.  PASE members are appointed by their local school boards and the Kent ISD board and serve a three year term.

Roles & Responsibilities of a PASE Member:

Each local school district is entitled to appoint up to three people (GRPS may appoint up to six people) and charter schools one person to become members of the Kent Intermediate school District's Parent Advisors for Special Eduation Committee (PASE).  Each member serves a three-year term and may be reappointed.  PASE members also become members of a Regional Parent Advisory Committee (PAC).

Members must be a parent or guardian of a student who is currently receiving special education services in a local school district.

Members of PASE represent all the parents of students with disabilities in their school district.  As such, members should try to be aware of how other parents feel on issues and provide parents with information obtained at PASE meetings.

At a minimum PASE does the following: (1) participates in the develpoment of the Kent ISD Special Education Plan and (2) provides input to the Kent ISD Superintendents' Advisory Committee for Special Education about how parents feel about special education issues.


PASE typically meets on the second Monday of the month except for December, February, April, June, July and August at the KEnt ISD offices (2930 Knapp, NE) from 7:00-8:30 pm. PAC meetings may be scheduled just prior to these meetings.  Most meetings will consist of a business meeting, a program about a current topic in special education or planning for a special project.  All meetings are held in the Coldwater Room at the Educational Service Center (parking lot #11).


Any member absent without an excuse for three consecutive meetings shall be removed from PASE.  Absences may be excused by calling the Kent ISD office (365-2297) prior to the meeting.


Even if you don't want to become a member, PASE meetings are open to the public and you are welcome to attend anytime.

Administration Office 465 S. Union St. Sparta, MI 49345 P: 616-887-8253 F: 616-887-9958
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