1:1 Pilot Information

Technology is changing the way everyone does business. Education is no exception. Technology is changing the way teachers teach and students learn. Assessing student learning is also changing and evolving. School systems must also change and evolve to stay current and use best practices. Our goal is to incorporate technology into classrooms to create a blended learned evnironment for our daily teaching and learning activities for all students. 


1:1 Pilot Program

In the Fall of 2014, several teachers in each school building in Sparta Area Schools began a program to pilot the use of digital devices with students. This allowed us to create a 1:1 classroom environment where every student had a device to use during the class. 

Sparta believes that a 1:1 environment in the classroom:

  • increases student learning
  • supports differentiated instruction
  • leads to more student collaboration
  • creates options to assess student learning
  • creates opportunities for accommodations and enrichments
  • adds support for student learning
  • promotes student engagement and motivation

 What will this accomplish?

  • provide more access to digital devices
  • access to a greater body of knowledge
  • students assessing, synthesizing, and applying information
  • utilizing a digital device to enhance learning
  • learning adaptive skills to problem solve
  • using technology to perform complex tasks

Additional 1:1 Pilot Program Information

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