SEF Grants Awarded

Three times per year the Sparta Education Foundation reviews grants submitted by teachers and staff at Sparta Area Schools.  Here is a list of the grants awarded helping to improve learning and provide "the extras for education".

                             Grants Awarded in 2017-18

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                             Grants Awarded in 2016-17

Ridgeview Elementary

  • Drum Alive**
  • Dramatic Kitchen Play Set
  • Let’s Talk – Building Social and Academic Language*
  • Find Your Super Hero – The Adventures of Hockey Todd

Appleview Elementary

  • Flex Friday Science Rotation***
  • The Leader in Me (Appleview Staff Book Study)*
  • Let’s Talk – Building Social and Academic Language*
  • S.T.E.M Skills Rock!***
  • Math Homework Club***
  • Sparta Senior Neighbors Student Trip at Meadowlark Retirement Community
  • Frauenthal Music Hall Student Trip**

Middle School

  • Sparta Middle School Documentaries
  • Colibri Book Covering System
  • New Spikeball Sets**
  • Teachers Discover “Quack DVD Series”

High School

  • Bair Lake Camp Experience (Career Academy team-building experience)
  • Drone Photography Club***
  • Band Project**
  • ELC Cycling Project

K - 12

  • Expanding Expression Tool
  • Nash Creek Restoration, Phase II

Type of Grant

  • Literacy *
  • AMPE (Art, Music, Physical Education) **
  • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) ***


SEF has awarded over $445,000 in grants to Sparta teachers throughout the last 25 years!!