Information for Teachers

Web Tools

This site helps you make annotated website lists where you can embed questions/lessons for your students.

SchoolNotes This is a free webstie where you can post assignments and correspond with your students and their parents.

Timeline  This site lets you creat your own timeline or use timelines from the site.

State Information
Information from the Department of Education

 Lesson Plan Resources
This site includes resources for teachers including a search engine for education Web sites only and original content including lesson plans and articles.

Thinkfinity  You can find over 55,000 resources to use iwhtin your lessons, integrating technology into your content.  There are nine content partners on teh site that offer up thousands of resources tha can be found by grade or state standard.  This site covers K-12. The content partners are:
ArtsEdge EconEdLink EdSitement Illuminations Literacy Network Read Write Think Science NetLinks Smithsonian Xpeditions

Discovery Education   Lesson plans for K-12

Best Practices

This is the More feature on MEL.  It includes best practices, professional development and standard-based resources.

Big6  The Big6 is an inforamtion and technology literatcy model that you can use to help your kids become critical thinkers.  This process can be used with any inquiry lesson.