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 Library Websites

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This is the Lakeland Library Cooperative online interlibrary loan catalog. You can request books from libraries all over West Michigan.

This is the Kent District Library Site. You can request materials if you have a KDL library card.

Metasearch Engines and Web Guides


This is a site that offers information that has been reviewed and webguides on hundereds of subjects.  Each feature on this site has passed "muster" for accuracy and relevancy.

  htttp://  This is a feature within Finding Dulcinea that acts as a search engine for all the reviewed sites within Finding Dulcinea



This site is a great citation generator.

OWL at Purdue Logo
This is the English Department site from Purdue University.  You will find a great MLA Guide and writing lessons.
This site helps you complete MLA citations by enterin the bibliographic inforamtion into a MLA format engine.Dictionary 


Great Information sites - The last word in words
Provides an easy-to-use search engine for words and the results are quite detailed.

  Librarians' Internet Index - Websites You Can Trust
The Librarian's Index to the Internet

The Smithsonian Institution online!
American Memory is a gateway to rich primary source materials relating to the history and culture of the United States.

 HomeworkSpot - A free homework information portal that features the very best K-12 homework-related sites

  LibrarySpot This is a great site for reference sites, dictionaries, grammar help, links to different types of libraries, and  magazines.



   NPR Home Page


HeadlineSpot   This is a news portal site that gives you current events by subject, wire services, financial news, columnists, links to major TV channels, sports news.  In short, just about every link to any type of news you could ever want.


These tutorials only work at Sparta High School

Dulcinea Tutorial

Worldbook Tutorial

SIRS Tutorial